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Tim Hutchinson

Tim Hutchinson

Packaging Consultant and Designer

Outpace Director since 2000. 
Prior to that 15 years in packaging design with ICI. 
Industry expert in the UK Packaging Waste Regulations. 
Expertise in packaging reduction, reuse and recycling.
Inventor of Carrierpac.
Member of the Entrepreneurs Forum

Tim Hutchinson
Tel. +44 (0) 7711 195139
E-Mail: Tim Hutchinson
Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett

30+ years in Industry
Incl. Health and Safety Management
Training Advisor
Trained Lead Auditor
Coshh Assessor
UK Packaging Regulations
Data Management & Processes

Andrew Barnett

Tel. +44 (0)7519 113784

E-Mail: Andrew Barnett


Faye Anderson

Experienced in UK Packaging Waste Regulations , WEEE Regulations, Battery Regulations , Retail Packaging and Data Management & Processes

Keith Sowley

One of our longest serving packaging consultants with over 25 years experience of packaging procurement for multi-national manufacturers.
Specialising in European Packaging Waste Regulations.

Tony Hancock

Packaging consultant with over 30 years experience in the design of packaging – rigid plastics containers, Pan European responsibility for product development and marketing for both retail and industrial markets.

Past Chairman – IoP Starpacks judging panel – Industrial/Transit packaging.

Chairman – IoP The Packaging Society, Environment and Safety Forum, specialising in Packaging Waste Regulations and environmental issues.

Member of various BSI packaging committees.

Initiator of the first closed loop bottle to bottle recycling system, which incorporated HDPE/PCR (Post Consumer Recovered) material for use in the manufacture of new retail and industrial rigid plastics containers.

Kevin Waterhouse

Very experienced packaging consultant with over 30 years in FMCG supply chain.
Specialist in consumer packaging issues and food contact materials.
Technical and development skills alligned to commercial aptitude.
Expert in Packaging Waste Regulations, data processing and Essential Requirements.

Iain Harley

Packaging consultant with over 30 years experience in product and package design.

Over 15 years experience with the UK and Eire Packaging Waste Regulations.

BSI senior auditor for Europe.

Extensive knowledge of WEEE and Battery Regulations

Phil Pease

Over 25 years experience in Dangerous Goods Packaging consultant and Special Waste Treatment, Recovery and Recycling
Qualified DGSA
Chartered Waste Manager
Specialist in packaging Re-Use, packaging Reconditioning & packaging Recycling Systems.
Member of BSI Technical Committees on Packaging
Chief Executive of The Industrial Packaging Association

Steve Newton

Over 30 years experience in the Hazard Assessment Groups of ICI, Zeneca and Syngenta.
Expertise in assessing fire & explosion hazards in chemical plants, dust
explosion hazards and electrostatic packaging hazards.
Member of various BSI technical committees and packaging consultany roles.
Represented the UK in formulating an IEC Standard for FIBC's.

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