“Specifically developed to transport products that are difficult to handle”

What is CarrierPac?

Designed to return

Damage to kitchen worktops, panels, mirrors, radiators and other large flat valuable products is a serious problem costing businesses thousands of pounds.

In most cases even the slightest damage to the product means that it has to be replaced which incurs significant extra costs to remove the damaged product, replace it and still keep the customer satisfied.

In certain cases it will mean the whole fitting process has to be postponed until the replacement arrives.

Carrierpac is the ideal packaging solution developed specifically to transport products that are expensive, difficult to handle, awkward to lift or prone to damage


Key Benefits

Carrierpac’s unique features create real benefits for businesses, consumers and the environment, providing maximum efficiency, increased product protection and significantly reduced costs.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • No bulky packaging waste for the customer to recycle or dispose of
  • Improved product presentation to the customer
  • No sharp tools needed to unpack


  • Lower packaging costs through reduced raw material and waste disposal costs
  • Reduced cost of buying Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) since packaging that is reused is exempt after its first use
  • Reduced cost of returns and rejects
  • Reduced product damage during transit


  • Reduced risk of personal injury to packing and delivery team
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved company image
  • Marketing opportunities (e.g. branding on packaging)


  • Less packaging waste entering the domestic waste stream
  • Reduced product damage thereby reducing the carbon footprint
  • Recyclable at end of useful product life


Design Features

Current cardboard-based packaging is designed to protect a worktop or similar flat product for a single journey to the customer’s home.

The problem is such products are susceptible to damage and the cost of single use cardboard packaging and disposal makes this process expensive and inefficient.

The new multi-trip packaging solution ‘Carrierpac’ almost entirely eliminates product damage, can be used for over ten trips and as it’s made from recycled polypropelene and is recyclable at the end of its life span.

  • Manufactured to precise product dimensions
  • Made from 100% recycled corrugated polyproplene sheets and woven polypropylene fabric.
  • Secured by Velcro fasteners along the length of the pack to ensure easy packing
  • Consumers get quick and secure access to the worktop
  • Featuring ergonomic carry handles
  • Containing about 50% recycled content



The Carrierpac is a reusable transit packaging solution which is innovative and environmentally responsible. This successful initiative has been recognised within the packaging industry receiving two Gold Starpack awards.

It is proven to reduce damages whilst giving enhanced Health and Safety benefits under present EU and UK manual handling guidelines. It provides a simplified and quicker method of packaging worktops and other associated products.

With correct asset management in a closed loop system, over 25 return trips per unit is achievable, giving a reduced cost per trip over current methods. It also benefits customers who will no longer have the burden of desposing bulky packaging.

Whilst the Carriepac complies with the EU Packaging Waste Directive to reuse packaging and has the benefits outlined above, it is also proven to deliver profitable returns through cost savings and damage reduction.

“Significant levels of packaging are required to deliver high value products to a customer’s home without damage. Rejects increase cost, increase waste and decrease customer satisfaction.” Mike Robey (Wrap)



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